School - Help and tips

As a teacher, educator, counsellor or professional, you can help young people with the perceptions they both have about themselves and about equal and healthy relationship between men and women.

At school, in the community and today's society, you are acting as promoters of healthy and equal relationship to young people. The expression “equal and healthy relationship” is explained by the fact that all people involved have the same fundamental value. The needs and views of each person are important.

A healthy and equal relationship is based on specific features such as:

  • negotiation and equity
  • non-threatening behaviour
  • respect
  • trust and support
  • honesty and responsibility

Romantic relationships are influenced by gender stereotypes that may be negative to young people and adults. 



To communicate an equal and healthy relationship approach

  • Be respectful of young people in order to promote their well-being.
  • Saying that every young person is equal and deserves the same respect regardless of its gender.
  • Ignore your biased prejudices about girls and boys. For example: boys do well in mathematics; girls doing good in French; boys are more resourceful than girls; girls are more gentle than boys; girls are quieter in the classroom; boys usually do the bad shots, etc.
  • Maintain a fair dialogue and communicate positively with the boys and girls about healthy and equal relationships.
  • Help young people to develop the confidence and skills to establish equal, healthy and balanced relationships.
  • Raise awareness among youth people of equal relations between girls and boys as well as to the respect for differences.
  • Offer your support to young people in their conflict resolution.