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According to you, do you think you live an equal and healthy romantic relationship or have you lived a healthy relationship in the past?

As a boy or a girl, an equal and healthy relationship starts with you. An equal relationship means that you and your partner have the same value. For example, no one is more gentle than the other, or more resourceful than the other, more gallant than the other, etc. Both of you are equal. Your relationship must be based on mutual respect and self-respect. On the other hand, it does not mean that you will never argue... If this is the case, you will certainly get to common ground and you'll be able to explain your feelings more easily to each other.

We usually think that a biy is a handyman, resourceful and protective; that he is nice by opening the door to his girlfriend, that he is strong or that he can repair all kinds of things. It is thought that a girl is sensitive, gentle and understanding; that she cries and often chats with her friends. If this is what you think, know that this is called “gender stereotype”. There is no obligation for boys and girls to act like that. As if they are pushed in that way, these types of behaviours can harm your relationship since you will have expectations from the other which may greatly disappoint you into the future. You may both have unrealistic expectations about your relationship.

A healthy love relationship should be based on trust, honesty, self-esteem, and respect for the other, responsibility and equality. Be equal and respectful to the other mean to avoid treating that person as a thing, but having trust and consideration. To have a healthy relationship, you can already start by making simple gestures that will make all the difference in your intimate relationship.


To live an equal and healthy relationship

o    Avoid having prejudices to each other
o    Articulate your needs, your desires and your limits without feel lowered
o    Respect the needs, desires and limitations of the other
o    Put yourself in your partner's shoes
o    Have confidence in each other and have a positive opinion of yourself and your partner
o    Express your true feelings and remain yourself
o    Talk on an equal basis
o    Allow the other to make his ou hers personal choice
o    Share confidences that will remain betwwen you
o    Know that you can count on the other and the other has your interest at heart
o    Respect and take care of yourself.