Why violence in romantic relationships must be a concern in workplaces?

Health and safety are increasingly a concern in our workplaces. More and more, the general welfare of employees is considered in management of human resources by the administration. Domestic violence has a considerable impact on the well-being and safety of the people involved and their entourage.

Domestic violence begins between two people in an intimate relational context, heterosexual or homosexual, in early dating or during their relationship, and may be continued after a break, regardless of their age, their nationality, their level of education or their economic status. When introduced by one of the partner seeking to have power over the other person, domestic violence is reflected repeatedly by gestures, attitudes, or the words always to devalue and control the other. The more victim in the relationship is socially isolated, the more he or she becomes vulnerable compared to the intensity and repetitiveness of violent acts:

  • psychologically;
  • verbally;
  • physically;
  • sexually;
  • economically.


Workplaces should be concerned in order to prevent violence in the love relationships of the members of their team.

For more details, see the PDF guide, French version only.

La violence conjugale...une menace pour mon entreprise.pdf